TX: Low-cost veterinary services are in danger

Stop HB 3806 from limiting services for pets in need.

Ill-conceived legislation that would reduce the amount of low-cost veterinary services available to Texans is making its way through your state legislature.

House Bill 3806 would reduce already-limited services and further restrict a person’s eligibility to receive those services.

This legislation is harmful in two ways:

First, it creates an unnecessary regulatory scheme that would forbid nonprofit veterinary organizations from providing any services other than spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations.

Second, it requires proof that a pet owner is enrolled in a state or federal program, such as Medicaid, before that person’s pet can receive treatment. As a result, enacting this bill would reduce access for thousands who currently receive low-cost vet care for their pets.

How you can help:

Speak out: On Monday, April 1 at 10:30 a.m., the House Agriculture & Livestock committee will hold a public hearing on HB 3806. If you’re available, please attend and speak out against this harmful bill.

Send a message: Take action today by contacting your representative(s) and asking them to oppose HB 3806.

There’s already a scarcity of low-cost veterinary services in Texas — this unwarranted targeting of veterinary nonprofits and the pets they serve must be stopped before it creates additional obstacles for the volunteers and advocates (like you!) who are working tirelessly to save lives.

Thanks for speaking up. Together, we will Save Them All.

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You can see a full list here https://house.texas.gov/members/find-your-representative/