Dallas Express | December 2021

Senate Bill 197

On May 19, Senate Bill 197, which among other things makes prices and fees for pet adoptions from nonprofit animal shelters and similar organizations sales tax free, passed the state House with paws-itively no opposition. No meow-trage broke out in the Senate when it passed that chamber last month.

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Caller Times | May 2021

Soon Texans will be able to purchase pets tax-free from shelters and nonprofits

Republicans and Democrats might not agree on much in the Legislature, but in Texas they all support tax-free pet adoptions from shelters.

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Jane Nelson | May 2021

Texas Senator Jane Nelson’s Webpage

Today the Texas Legislature passed SB 197 by Senator Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, helping more pets find forever homes.

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Lake City Sunds | May 2021

Nelson's bill that supports rescue animals passes

Wednesday the Texas Legislature passed SB 197 by Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, helping more pets find forever homes.

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Houston Chronicle | May 2021

Pass or fail: How Texas' most controversial, talked-about bills fared this legislative session

Senate Bill 474 makes it against state law for dog owners to tether their animals with heavy chains, short lines, or anything that “causes pain or injury to the dog.”

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Houston Chronicle | May 2021

Where do Texas Democrats and Republicans really come together? Dog bills.

While intensely partisan battles over voting rights, abortion and guns have demanded their attention for the last four months, lawmakers have found overwhelming unity when it comes to taking care of man’s best friend.

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The Cross Timbers Gazette | November 2020

Nelson pre-files bills for animal rescue, retired officers

Animal Welfare: SB197 provides a sales tax exemption for nonprofit animal welfare organizations that rely on foster homes to care for displaced animals. Currently the Tax Code exempts organizations that operate an animal shelter facility from collecting sales tax. SB 197 extends that same exemption to rescue groups that operate through a network of foster homes rather than a facility.

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