Regan Goins

Regan Goins

Dog Foster Assistant Manager for Austin Pets Alive!

Regan Goins is the former Maddie's Dog Foster Program advisor for American Pets Alive! and the dog foster assistant manager at Austin Pets Alive!. She has now taken on the role of Dog Care Manager at Austin Pets Alive. Regan started from the ground up as a kennel tech at Austin Animal Center. She grew into enrichment, adoption, counselor, and finally, behavior team, roles throughout her tenure at AAC. Right before Hurricane Harvey, Regan joined APA!'s staff, where she managed the dog foster team through a peak of 1,000 dogs in foster at one time. Regan has also pioneered APA!'s behavioral foster program and specializes in building programs to foster behavior dogs, which increases the options of long stays and behavioral cases while in care and provides them a faster road to decompression and adoption.

Sunday Mar 1st, 2020

Behavior Dogs Alive: Solving Eight Common Behaviors that Happen in Shelters

Clock Icon5:20 pm - 6:00 pm
Map Icon Capitol E, Sheraton Austin at the Capitol

What can common shelter behaviors in dogs show us about their needs and wants? How can daily enrichment and foster care help us manage behaviors seen in sheltered dogs? Leave with practical and manageable solutions for common behaviors and increase your lifesaving, immediately.

Steal this! Five Free, Easy Foster Strategies to Start Now

Clock Icon4:25 pm - 5:05 pm
Map Icon Capitol D, Sheraton Austin at the Capitol

Everything you need to know to recruit more foster homes, start new programs and send more pets to foster with five strategies you can start on Monday.

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