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Bobby Mann

Communications Manager, Front Street Animal Shelter of Sacramento

Bobby Mann is the Communications Manager for the Front Street Animal Shelter. His duties also include oversight of the customer service team, licensing initiatives, offsite adoption events, satellite adoption center and public/private partnerships.

Bobby's incredible expertise and creativity is particularly evident by the success of Front's Streets use of social media platforms. Bobby took Front Street's Facebook from 600 followers to over 175,000 followers, developed several stories that went organically viral and developed a strong community engagement platform that has resulted in increased adoptions and donations.

Saturday Feb 29th, 2020

Using Technology to Increase Return to Owners Workshop

Clock Icon6:45 pm - 7:30 pm
Map Icon Capitol A-C, Sheraton Austin at the Capitol

The national average shows us that when animals end up in animal shelters, only 15-20% of dogs and 2% of cats return home. Come learn from RTO expert Gina Knepp of Found Animals to learn how to increase your organization's RTO and attain a higher return to owner rate through innovative, progressive and proactive programs.

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