Adam Ricci

Chief of Field Operations, City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department

Adam Ricci grew up in a suburban city outside of Portland, Maine. Ricci started his animal welfare career at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland in Westbrook, Maine. While a member of their kennel staff Ricci co-founded Southern Maine Pit Bulls, better known as SOME Pit! a pit bull education and advocacy group. Soon after Ricci moved away from the sheltering side of animal welfare and started employment with the Buxton, ME Police Department as their animal control officer. Ricci continued to work for Buxton PD but added additional responsibilities as a part-time police officer.

Ricci graduated from the 26th Basic Law Enforcement Training Program and became a post-certified officer for the Buxton PD. As police officer, Ricci took on additional roles to include the following: Property and Evidence Manager, Evidence Technician, Animal Control Supervisor, York County Special Deputy and represented the department on the York County Crime Task Force and the Maine Gang Intel Task Force. Ricci was also an instructor for the State of Maine Animal Control certification training.

In 2016, Ricci and his family moved to Tucson, AZ where Ricci took on the role of Chief Animal Protection Officer for the Pima Animal Care Center. Ricci currently oversees their animal protection division that includes their Community Support Services division assisting pet owners with resources and is the lead for the Pima Domestic Animal Response Team. Ricci was elected as a Board of Director for the National Animal Care and Control Association and represents NACA as their chair for their Disaster and Social Media Committees. He was recently hired as the Chief of Field Operations for the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department.

Friday Feb 28th, 2020

Intake Protocol for Animal Control Officers Roundtables

Clock Icon7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Map Icon Capital A-C, Sheraton Austin at the Capitol

What intake protocols are in place for animal control officers in your organization? Effective ACO intake can streamline shelter flow, mitigate error and lost notes, minimize the spread of disease and save more lives. Learn the best practices for intake protocols and how to effectively implement them in your shelter to keep up with this ever-changing field.

Is Managed Intake Humane?

Clock Icon5:00 pm - 5:45 pm
Map Icon Capitol E, Sheraton Austin at the Capitol

Are you an open intake shelter trying to navigate intake? Have you tried managed intake? Looking for alternative solutions that save lives and don't compromise the shelter's role in your community? Two animal shelter leaders from sizeable cities present ideas to keep your intake practices moving, focused on serving pets and people. Learn about how to face and work through some of the toughest challenges and responsibilities open intake shelters face.

Sunday Mar 1st, 2020

Your Notes Are Everything: How Officer Notes Impact Animals and Communities

Clock Icon4:25 pm - 5:05 pm
Map Icon Capitol E, Sheraton Austin at the Capitol

Intake notes can affect decisions throughout an organization. Understand how to ensure your staff is working to keep accurate and thorough notes to save more animal lives and reunite more families.

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